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Kinpakuya Sakuda


Try using it from a different perspective.


Try using it from a different perspective.

When explaining a product, I tend to get caught up in preconceptions, and I end up explaining in a stereotyped style in terms of how to make the photos attractive and what I propose to the customer. I’m doing trial and error every day to appeal and make a proposal from a broad of various perspectives.


Occasionally, we receive messages from customers who have purchased from our store, such as, “I used it like this!”. There are some cases our products use for that we could never have come up with in such a way. And we are receiving a series of discoveries. I will introduce some of them this time.


Add a sparkle to the charm of flowers.
That is an idea I received from a flower shop customer. Gold leaf looks especially good on dark-colored flowers and large leaves. Just spray it on the flowers you give on your special day to make it even more special. The particles are tiny, including the gold leaf and diamond particles, so it emits a more beautiful shine depending on the angle of the light. It can say that the texture of the plant and the sparkle sprayed on it are a perfect match.

Bireihi Premium Rame Spray 2,000JPY


Take care of your beloved pet.

I was surprised at a review from a pet owners’ customer. According to it, the good points of tweezers, which are suitable for the size and rounded the tip of it, and also very useful when giving her pet medicine or food. Being made of bamboo may also add a sense of security. And these Japanese tweezers are hand-made and solid. On the other hand, this one has been delicately, so please be aware that it will be damaged if you apply strong force. It’s an affordable price, and it’s selling quite well.

Bamboo tweezers 100JPY


Gold leaf sticker with a wide range of customization.
The review says that the gold leaf sticker is easy-to-use because they can easily cut it according to the size they want to paste. And it is durable because the gold leaf is on the sticker of film-like material. Moreover, you can choose according to the materials because there are three types of leaf colors. Some customers even asked for it to use for their own handmade Samurai helmet, or I am surprised as a material to make a golden room. Also, some people keep it in their wallet as a talisman. As I read these stories, I found that these stickers can use in various ways. We are looking for your sending review.

Goldleaf Sticker 950JPY~


Featured as a craft material
In the past, customers have mainly purchased as a focal point for decoration, such as mobile phones and electronic cigarette cases. Recently, handmade accessories and crafts such as resin and plastic boards are popular, and I have the impression that many people are looking for such craft materials. If it is a small sticker, it seems too easy to use as one point of work using resin. There are so many types of maki-e stickers, and we can be various expressions can be made depending on the combination.

Maki-e Stickers 250JPY~


Notice of Summer break


Our online site will be in summer recess between Aug. 11 and Aug. 14.  Thank you.




A vivid colorful iPhone Cover


A vivid colorful iPhone Cover

This design of cover which has matched a golden shine and a vivid pattern up very well.
It is a product that makes you feel closer to the “beauty” of Japanese culture.

There are several kinds of size. (Limited in size)

iPhone cover

Now on Sale online shopping.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any concern or questions.

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Kanazawa’s hidden specialty, oil blotting paper


Originally, oil blotting paper was born as a by-product of the manufacture of gold leaf.

In other words, Kanazawa, the town of gold leaf, is also the town of oil blotting paper.

We approached the charm of Kanazawa’s oil blotting paper, which has been loved for a long time.


◆ Types of blotter paper

There are two main types of oil blotting paper available at Gold Leaf Shop Sakuda.

・ Oil blotting paper made by applying the technology of making gold leaf

・ Gold leaf paper used to actually on the manufacturing process of gold leaf.

The latter is further divided into two types: foil beating paper (Furuya paper) used to beat gold leaf and clear beating paper used to beat gold leaf, which is a thicker stage than gold leaf.

There is no doubt that all oil blotting paper absorbs sebum, but Furuya paper, which is a foil-beating paper, is created by its special manufacturing method. It is used by many users to the present.


◆ Until the paper (foil beating) is made

Foiled paper is made from handmade Japanese paper.

However, as it is, gold cannot be stretched to a thickness of 1 / 10,000 mm.

First, soak Japanese paper called ganpishi in lye of straw ash, egg white, and persimmon astringent, squeeze it with a foil-making machine, pickle it, squeeze it, and repeat it for about 3 months. Finally, the paper is finished with the strength and smoothness to beat gold leaf.

It is said that the workmanship (finish status) of this foil beating paper affects the quality of gold leaf, so it is important in making gold leaf. Leaf-making craftsmen are famous for punching with a machine, but in reality, this work called paper preparation occupies most of the work.

However, the foil beating paper, which was made with this great effort, cannot continue to beat the foil forever, and if you beat the foil about 50 to 60 times, the gold leaf will not spread well and it will end its role.

Foil beating paper that has finished this role is called Furuya paper, and the fine holes created in the work process absorb only excess sebum from the skin to prevent makeup from coming off, so oil blotting paper has long been very useful among geisha and maiko.


◆ Various uses Oil blotting paper

I think many people don’t use oil blotting paper too much.

In fact, oil blotting paper can be used not only for removing sebum from the skin but also for various purposes.

Glass surfaces of glasses and watches, screen wipes for smartphones and PCs, lens wipes for mirrors and cameras, etc.

Oil blotting paper does not produce fibers and is clean by throwing it away after use.

It is also recommended for holding down lipstick.

It seems that oil blotting paper, which absorbs sebum moderately, is easier to use because it may come off too much if it is a tissue.

Recently, it is also recommended for mask life.

Please refresh with oil blotting paper even if the mask is stuffy.

Oil blotting paper that allows you to easily experience traditional techniques. Please experience the splendor.


Celebration / UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Registration Entsuke gold leaf


When you walk around the town of Kanazawa, you will find gold leaf everywhere! Gold leaf! Gold leaf!
From sweets to drinks, not only Japanese and Western foods, but also gold leaf in Kanazawa.
The reason why Kanazawa is so popular with gold leaf is that 99% of Japanese gold leaf is made in Kanazawa.

There are two types of manufacturing methods for Japanese gold leaf, Tachikiri: Shear cutting gold leaf and Entsuke: Rim with gold leaf.
This time, we approached the charm of gold leaf with rim, which was registered as an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.

As mentioned above, there are two types of gold leaf manufacturing methods: Tachikiri and Entsuke.
Tachikiri is a mass-produced manufacturing method in which carbon paper is punched and cut together with the paper.
Entsuke is characterized by a soft shine created by stretching it with a special paper called foil beating paper made from Japanese paper.
Due to its weakness to static electricity, it is called edging because the edges are carefully cut one by one with a bamboo tool.

By the way, foil stamping paper is made by craftsmen in about 3 months, but it is a very important work because the workmanship (finished status) of this paper leads to the result of gold leaf.

■ Why is gold leaf manufacturing so popular in Kanazawa?
There are several factors that made gold leaf production popular in Kanazawa.
・ Humidity blessed weather
・ Temperament of craftsman
・ High demand

・ Blessed climate and environment
Kanazawa is a region with a lot of rain, as there is a saying, “Don’t forget your umbrella even if you forget your lunch box.”
Humidity is high throughout the year due to the climate peculiar to the Sea of Japan side.
Therefore, the climate was suitable for gold leaf manufacturing, which dislikes static electricity.

In addition, gold leaf is manufactured in the world, and the method of making it differs depending on the country, such as using animal skin when stretching the foil. In Japan, gold leaf is thinly spread with foil beating paper made from Japanese paper, but a lot of water is used to make Japanese paper and to prepare the Japanese paper into foil beating paper.
Kanazawa is blessed with many water sources, and I think that such regional characteristics are one of the factors.

・ Temperament of craftsman
The work of sheet metal is very steady and delicate, and it is all the work that you have to take a long time and tenaciously face each other.
In Kanazawa, we did not continue to make gold leaf for a long time, and because the shogunate banned the production of gold leaf for a long time, there was a period of illicit product, and during that time, the craftsmen were always facing the production of gold leaf. We have overcome such a period and continue to this day, but the nature of leaf is a material, and the demand for old-fashioned crafts and architecture is declining. In order to protect this wonderful technique that craftsmen have protected and inherited, we are also exploring new possibilities for leaf.

In Ishikawa Prefecture, there are many traditional crafts such as lacquerware such as Washima-nuri and Yamanaka-nuri, and Buddhist altars such as Nanao Buddhist altar. Gold leaf is sometimes used for them, so it can be said that there was demand.
In addition, many gold leaves are handled in the Ninomaru Palace of Kanazawa Castle, and when the Ninomaru Palace was burnt down in 1808, a lot of gold leaf was needed for reconstruction, which is said to have led to the flourishing of gold leaf making in Kanazawa. In other words, it is said that gold leaf manufacturing has taken root in this land of Kanazawa because it was blessed with people and the environment and there was demand.

■ Seven changes in gold leaf that you can enjoy eating, seeing, and making
Gold leaf used to be used in architecture and crafts, but today it is used in various fields such as food and cosmetics.

Edible gold leaf can be used for all purposes such as putting it on food, sweets, and drinks, and mixing it. In addition, it is difficult to use Entsuke gold leaf, but it is also possible to roll and wrap it by taking advantage of its size.
Flake type such as Hakuzanmai and sprinkle type such as Ogonfubuki make cooking easy and gorgeous even for the first time.

Also, those who make wedding items such as wedding reception name tags and paper items such as greeting cards. It is also used as a handmade material such as resin and glass.
Since it is as thin as 1 / 10,000 mm, it is possible to express it by making the best use of the base such as paper and wood grain.

In addition, it can be used for decoration of hairstyles for adult ceremonies and weddings, and decoration of nails. Since it has an elegant shine peculiar to gold leaf, it can be used in both Japanese and Western styles in a gorgeous atmosphere from a natural taste.

Gold leaf is difficult to use by itself due to the nature of the material, but
I think that there are still many possibilities, such as combining with various things because it is a material. Please find your own way of using it.

■ Experience gold leaf at the gold leaf shop Sakuda!
At the actual gold leaf shop Sakuda in Kanazawa, we have a wide variety of gold leaf products such as food and cosmetics as well as crafts. In addition, you can enjoy gold leaf with all five senses, such as a gold leaf pasting experience and a tour of gold leaf manufacturing at the workshop, so please stop by when you come to Kanazawa.
Please see the official website for details such as business hours.
If you are a gold leaf shop in Kanazawa, you can buy gold leaf shop Sakuda | From crafts to cosmetics (goldleaf-sakuda.jp)


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