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Gold leaf KINKA 55mm 100pieces


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Content 100 pieces
Size (cm) 5.5×5.5

Description of item
It is a 55 mm square gold leaf that is one-fourth the size of ordinary gold leaf.
As a leaf material, it can be used for various purposes depending on the customer.

Gold leaf KINKA (Gold: 95.239%, Silver: 4.761%)

Precautions for use
The leaf is so thin that it will fly off in the wind or snort. Please handle with care.

Please note
・ The color may differ from the actual one depending on the color of the monitor.
The leaf has wrinkles and other textures, so each one is different.
・ Since our store sells products in parallel at actual stores, even products that can be ordered may be sold out depending on the timing.
・ If the shipping address is within Japan, consumption tax (10%) will be added to the price.